The Whale

Listen to the opening:

And to the prayer before the belly:


The Whale represented new territory for me.   Previously I had set straight biblical texts as in Credo and Cain and Abel, but in the story of Jonah and the whale it was interspersed with a surrealist section with the opening encyclopaedic entry on whales.   These occurred throughout the biblical narrative of The Whale, at the stomach and inside the belly of the whale.   The Whale was dedicated to my wild Irish adopted godmother Lady Birley.   It made a great impact at the inaugural concert of the London Sinfonieta with Alvar Liddell the great wartime broadcaster reading the encyclopaedic entry on Whales.   Although The Whale is a far more musically radical work, I feel closer nowadays to the simple, less radical Donne Sonnets.



The original LP is reissued on Apple: