Ikon of Light

The Ikon of Light was inspired by the wonderful hymn to the Holy Spirit by St, Simeon the new theologian and by the magnificent sound of the Tallis Scholars singing Vittoria and Josca.   The music is sung in Greek and is composed in seven sections.   The first and sixth sections correspond to each other as do the second and seventh sections and finally the third and sixth sections .   The fourth movement is the central movement and stands on its own as a setting of the Prayer to the Holy Spirit.    The first and the fifth sections are inversions of each other with the string trio representing the soul yearning for God and gradually exposing the twelve notes on which the icon is based with ejaculatory outbursts of fos.   The second and seventh sections are polyphonic settings of the Greek words doxa (glory) and epiphania (shining forth) respectively.    The music also contains the first use of silence as part of the overall structure in my music


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