The Veil of the Temple, New York

Performances of The Veil

The Veil of the Temple, either in its 7-hour overnight version, or in its 2.5 hour concert version, has been performed in London, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brighton.  International interest persists, and we are working to have more performances in the coming years.

23rd July 13:23 / 2 Comments

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  1. Richard Eaton / 08th September 09:37

    I was lucky enough to attend a performance of the 7 hour version in the Temple Church in 2003 and the 2.5 hour version at the 2004 Proms-I loved the work, and still listen to my CD of the full version frequently.I would love to attend another performance of the 7 hour version in the Temple Church,if not St Paul’s Cathrdral, or Westminster Abbey/Cathedral would be magnificent-bring it on I say!

  2. Richard Eaton / 31st December 12:43

    Sadly I did not attend Sir John’s funeral at Winchester Cathedral last month- I regret that now, but I’m hoping that in February 2014,what would have been Sir John’s 70th birthday there will be some form of commemorative concert/celebration of his life.Maybe another preformance of the Veil?. I’m sure Sir John would like us all to celebrate what would have been a landmark birthday even though he cannot be us to enjoy it also.May he rest in peace and rise in glory!