With Mother Thekla 2011

Mother Thekla

Mother Thekla died in the early hours of Sunday August 7th 2011.  She was an extraordinary woman, and I owe her more than I can say. Eternal Memory.

07th August 08:00 / 6 Comments

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  1. Elaine Scarlett / 15th August 08:35

    As Miss Scharf, Mother Thekla was my English teacher during the early 1960s. I too owe her more than I can say.

  2. Isabel Watson (nee Frew) / 20th August 09:09

    Miss Marina Sharf was our English teacher and sometime form mistress at Kettering High School. Hundreds of young women are indebted to her for the inspiring quality of her teaching, especially of Shakespeare, which was one of her great joys. May she rest in peace.

  3. Kevin Downham / 21st August 20:46

    She will continue to inspire you John, May she rest in peace and rise in Glory.

    With the Saints give rest, O Christ, to the souls of Thy servants, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no sighing, but life everlasting.

    Thou alone art immortal, who didst make and mould man. But we mortals were formed from earth, and to the earth we return, as Thou who created me did command and say to me, “Thou art earth, and to the earth shall thou return,” where all we mortals are going, and for a funeral dirge we make the song: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

  4. Dimitrios THOMAS / 06th September 07:42

    Dearest Mr. Tavener, as a greek admirer of your unique music and life I would like to express you my deepest regrets for this sad event (my grandmother was also named Thekla) and wish you all the best for you and your family in the future. I particularly enjoy your latest (?) monumental work ‘ΙΕΡΟ ΟΝΕΙΡΟ/SACRED DREAM’ and hope to keep on writing such great music. Any chance for an brief interview for a greek magazine in the near future?? all the best! Dimitrios

  5. Taylor Strickland / 02nd January 21:45

    I know the likelihood of you personally checking this is small, however, here it goes: recently I heard ‘Funeral Canticle’ by accident on a short Vimeo of a star being born. Moved in particular by the song, I found you to be the composer in addition to Mother Thekla. As of now, I’m composing a poem provoked by your song, a requiem, as it was juxtaposed by 3D reenactment of a star being born. In short, I NEED to read the lyrics. Please may I have sent to my email ( the lyrics in the original language and the translation? My sincere condolences to you in the loss of your father and Mother Thekla. Thank you so much for timeless music.

  6. Maryanna Tavener / 25th January 21:38

    Thank you all for these kind comments. I will see if Chester Music can help with Funeral Canticle.